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6 Reasons why Cyberpark offers an inspiring workplace


6 Reasons why Cyberpark offers an inspiring workplace

Inspiration abounds everywhere at Cyberpark, Kozhikode, with a design that fosters individualistic streak, team dynamics, and business growth.

Even before its completion, Cyberpark won many hearts and convinced many more of its innate ability to spread cheer and wellness all around. They say that a good design is progressive and helps explore news approaches to living and working. In Kozhikode, Cyberpark is making a statement: its every element, every angle, pathway, lobby, sit-out and many more are in the right places to connect people and business. Look what Cyberpark has to offer for inspiring people within:


  1. Design that fosters a unique entrepreneurial spirit: The first thing that strikes a beholder is that Cyberpark is geared to meet the challenges of the changing workplace. Spaces that foster collaboration, conversation and variety have a huge impact on perspective towards work. When it comes to workplace design, much of the IT world follows the conventional thinking set by US-based companies a decade ago. Cyberpark has ditched the concept of “one-size-fits-all” in office spaces to enable companies to think beyond office chairs and cubicles. With unique design traits, Cyberpark empowers people to think, feel and act as entrepreneurs.
  2. Great views that inspire change: In Kerala, the art is in the outdoors. Remember that there are companies in Bengaluru and Chennai that wouldn’t think twice to pay a premium for great vistas—they often settle for spaces overlooking noisy business districts and traffic. Cut to Kerala. Cyberpark is surrounded by verdant greenery that makes you feel like a tourist all year around.
  3. Natural lighting for efficient workspaces: How many buildings are sensitive enough to cut down on florescent lighting? Be it a nook or cranny, exposure to natural light improves workplace performance and comfort. Cyberpark’s design provides staff with natural light and individual views of the landscape through floor-to-ceiling glazing.
  4. Flexibility that encourages connection: Workspaces need to bring people and technology together: open lines of sight and proximity to other zones are a plus in today’s workplace environment. With a progressive design and well-appointed details, Cyberpark provides flexible and adaptable spaces that support both technology and people. Its innovative design fits all work styles and businesses—from startup companies to fast-growing global enterprises.
  5. Freedom to move around: The changing workspaces of today cater to the individual’s need for creativity and freedom. Cyberpark provides the conditions that stimulate and sustain a creative, highly motivated workforce. Today, to work out a solution or to study a problem, people need space that enables them to move around, relax, and brainstorm. ( This aspect is inherent in the form and functionality of Cyberpark.
  6. Spaces for people: People—not furniture or fixtures and fittings—determine the space that a business needs. We spend a third of our lives at work; it has a huge impact on our health and outlook. To cater to the changing physical demands of workspace, Cyberpark provides a people-centric setup that encourages the development of high-performance organizations. As companies become more aware of the importance of staff well-being, the environment plays a crucial role in determining both the organizational and individual success. 

When it comes to providing workspaces that engage and inspire, Cyberpark in Kozhikode is a cut above the other IT parks in the region. It boasts natural advantages and inherent strengths that help companies to create opportunities and foster growth. To know more about Cyberpark, visit their page here: