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CEO’s Message

The Government of Kerala had envisioned and conceived Cyberpark, Kozhikode, as a significant IT centre serving the northern portion of Kerala in orderto promote the T/ITeS sector, following the success of Technopark, Thiruvananthapuram and Infopark, Kochi. The ultimate goal was to enable state-of-the-art IT infrastructure space with all necessary support services, thereby establishing an IT ecosystem that would promote the growth of information and communication technology and significantly increase the number of direct and indirect job opportunities as well as the state’s GDP Cyberpark Kozhikode, which has a growing, dynamic environment, has the potential to grow into a significant IT centre. Excellent digital connection and first-rate infrastructural alternatives are featured in this park. This park, which is home to a number of well-known businesses from the Malabar region, is quickly becoming into a leading hub for cutting-edge innovations and emerging technologies in the fields of mobile apps and cyber security. The flexible workplace culture in the IT industry was amply illustrated both during and after the pandemic. Despite early uncertainty, businesses in Cyberpark were able to transition from an office-based model to work-from-home and hybrid models, and they have since successfully adapted to the “new normal” of the post-Covid period. The Covid-19 epidemic provided a significant obstacle to the IT/ITES sector, but Cyberpark Kozhikode continues to draw new businesses and investors to its campus. Apart from the newcomers, existing companies too posted excellent turn over enabling them to expand their business in the park. The park which began its operations in 201 4 with just 4 companies now has 67 IT & ITES companies, providing direct employment of more than a 1 000 people. Recent IT development endeavors have been accomplished in large numbers. These advancements will lead to future jobs. Additionally, it will help potential IT investors by showing possible growth opportunities. It’s great to see that Kerala IT Parks’ software exports brought in Rs. 17,356 crores in FY2021-2022. The success of the IT sector this year may be attributed to its adaptability and agility in handling the issues brought on by the pandemic. Cyberpark alone brought in a software export of Rs 55+ crores. These successful outcomes are due in large part to the
government’s backing of the business through strong take older friendly policy interventions, cutting-edge infrastructure, and encouragement of start-ups. This has greatly contributed to Kerala IT’s future orientation, coupled with the government’s developmental ambition.