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Space Allotment Process

Cyberpark follows a transparent process for allotment of space in the campus on first come first serve basis. Space is alloted through internal space Management Committee only for IT/ITeS companies on remittance of Security deposit. Allotment process is as follows:

Registration : IT/ITeS companies who would like to avail space should register with Cyberpark through the space request application form (available in Register for space) through online or wirte us @ or submit a hard copy with an official letter along with a detailed company profile (registration details, share holding pattern, No. of employees, brief on product or services, locations present, Other subsidiaries etc.) with a clear mention on the required space – Smart Business Centre’s (Plug & Play) or Warm shell space. Registration will be only accepted through an official request(companies mail id or letter head) Applications without proper information will be rejected.

Acknowledgement: Applications received via mail/ hard copy will be acknowledged and the space will be allotted depending on the availability on first come first serve basis. Incase of non-availability of space the applications will be kept on a waiting list queue (listed on space request queue)and the space will be allotted only as per the queue system and on the availability of space corresponding space.

Allotment of Space : Allotment of space to IT / ITeS companies will through the Space Management committee after proper validation of the company details submitted along with Application forms. The decision of allotment of space within the Cyberpark campus is under the sole discretion of Cyberpark Management Committee.

Allotment Letter: On confirmation of space and the commercials by IT/ITeS companies Allotment letter will be issued to companies on remittance of security deposit ( 6 months lease rentals) for the corresponding space. Payment to be made through Cheque/DD/online transfer only. Companies should accept the terms and conditions in the allotment letter and acknowledge the same

Unit approval from SEZ: On allotment of space, IT/ITeS companies are requested to obtain the Unit approval from Development Commissioner, SEZ Office, Cochin. (Applicable only for SEZ space). Companies should process the applications with SEZ immediately after obtaining the allotment letter not exceeding immediate 2 SEZ unit approval meeting.

Execution of Lease Agreement: On obtaining the Unit approval from SEZ, a lease agreement which is co-existing with the allotment letter has to be executed immediately within 15 days with Cyberpark.

Registration of Lease Agreement: All lease agreement executed has to be registered within a month at the nearest sub-registrar office.