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Welcome to Cyberpark Kozhikode

The government of Kerala, India, is unleashing a unified IT brand initiative, to drive the state towards the status of a holistic and preferred IT destination in India.

With a vision to continue the economical and infrastructural activities of the state and being able to provide the most value added solutions to help firms around the globe to be profitable and innovate, CyberPark was the next right thing to do for the Government of Kerala. Cyberpark is strategically positioned to provide the benefits of the large pool of skilled resources, the lower infrastructure cost, and the high quality of living combined with its location and benefits to investors around the world. Further the number of reputed universities and educational institutions in the region has made it even more compelling to start the next phase of IT Parks developments in this region. The purpose of Cyberpark is to provide a friendly, cost effective and top of the line infrastructure to the IT/ITES investors, there by acting as a catalyst for the social and infrastructure development of the region with a vision to provide unlimited employment opportunities and a substantial contribution to economical development of the state especially the Malabar Region.

A high development potential for Cyberpark coming up in Kozhikode , Kannur and Kasargod is due to the absence of any organized IT infrastructure in the gap starting from Kochi to Mangalore, along the west coast. There is a very strong opportunity for IT and ITES companies to tap into the huge potential of untapped human resources. Many ITES majors are looking at this region as a potential destination because of its high rate of literacy, the high quality of living, the closeness to major IT destinations like Bangalore, Mysore and Mangalore added to the loyal and dutiful nature of people from the Malabar region. The initiative of Cyberpark by the Government of Kerala would be a huge incentive for the investors to come in and operate from the region.

Global IT business is growing in tremendous speed and the demand supply gap is widening though new locations are emerging day by day. With a well planned strategy and effective marketing measures, Kerala has the potential to capture a sizable market share. Kerala holds a distinct cutting edge over its competitors in IT industry as it has an impressive English speaking manpower and the requisite infrastructure facilities. Kochi being the landing point of the submarine cable holds an additional credit of being a global gateway in internet connectivity. Kerala boasts of a 100% literacy rate with an impressive line up of professional colleges, which churn out young qualified engineers. The prevailing trend of brain drain caused by the migration of this creamy pie of labor force could also be arrested with the commissioning of more such IT parks, which can ensure attractive jobs right at their door step.

The primary drive towards establishing Kerala as the preferred IT destination arises as The Government of Kerala acknowledges the critical importance of Information Technology as an instrument for the State’s overall development and remains deeply committed to its dissemination, both as a crucial engine of economic growth and as a tool for increasing productivity, speed & transparency in governance and improved quality of life for the common man.

Kerala’s lead over the other states in India on almost all social indicators is universally acknowledged. What is less known is that the spread of societal development is uniform throughout the state and not restricted to select cities. The benefits of social progression have been disseminated to the maximum number of people. Regional disparities are, more or less, non-existent.

This distinctive resort town ambience coupled with the highest physical quality of life, are seen by lot of companies as reason enough to move into Kerala. Today, Kerala has a lot more to offer. Consummate real estate solutions, an investor friendly Government, easy availability of qualified personnel and an extremely facilitating and scalable infrastructure beckon the IT industry. And the best part is that these are available at the most economical rates. These advantages are putting Kerala as one of the most sought after destination for the IT & ITES industries in the country.

Achievements and Milestones

The recent NASSCOM survey on leading IT/ITES destinations covering a range of parameters including land costs, power and communication infrastructure ranked Kochi & Thiruvananthapuram as a top notch ITES destinations with potential of challenging metros like Bangalore, Mumbai and New Delhi. 100 per cent literacy and a very high level of e-literacy aided by Government led projects such as AKSHAYA, Friends and Step ensures a ready manpower resource for ITES/BPO sector.

Here are the core competencies of Kerala which makes it one of the most promising destinations for IT/ITES investment.

  • 100% digital telephone exchanges, 98% of telephone exchanges connected by OFC to the National Internet Backbone (NIB).
  • OFC backbones through out the state by Reliance, Bharti, Asianet.
  • Highest telephone density; 20 per 100, double the national average.
  • Lowest Power Tariff in the country.
  • Highest Human Development Index.
  • Malappuram – First WiFi district in the country.
  • “SEA-ME-WE-3” and “SAFE” submarine cable landings (1 of the 2 states in India to have two submarine cable landings).
  • 15 GBps bandwidth support.
  • VSNL’s primary international gateway in Kochi handles around two third of the country’s data traffic.

Kerala Advantages – HR

Higher Satisfaction Levels

  • Less cost of living results in better earnings compared to other cities.

Talent Availability

  • 40,000 engineering graduates in Kerala.
  • Catchment area includes Kerala, Tamilnadu & Karnataka
  • Returning NRKs

Global Work Culture

  • Large number of expatriates have brought in a global work culture into Kerala.
  • Highly disciplined manpower.

Low Attrition

  • Less than 5% Lowest in the country

Kerala Advantages – Operational

High Quality of Life

  • Cosmopolitan life style
  • Malls, rest & recreation
  • Affordable housing, schools
  • Attractive tourist destinations

Low OPEX Special Tariff for IT

  • Low cost of operations
  • Lowest power tariff in India
  • USD 0.09/KWH for IT/ITeS

Stable world class infrastructure

  • Best internet connectivity
  • 99% grid based power
  • 100% DG set back up

Simple Procedures, Friendly Government

  • Single window clearance
  • FAR / FSI of 5
  • Stamp duty exemption
  • SEZ benefits