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An introduction to the scope and development of AI in India

Artificial Intelligence (AI) refers to any machine or system that exhibits human-like behaviour. In the simplest type of AI, computers are taught to “imitate” human behaviour utilising a wealth of data from prior instances of the same behaviour.
AI in India: An overview
For the last 60 years since its inception, AI has been constantly evolving and developing. Over the last few years, India’s central and state governments, as well as private and public businesses, have invested in a variety of AI projects. It is already transforming the operational, functional, and strategic landscapes across a wide range of industries, and its applications and functions are constantly evolving. Moreover, a growing number of corporate apps and business processes across all functions are being infused with AI.
The increasing use of AI
In the previous five years, India has seen a considerable increase in AI-related innovation, with over 4,000 AI patents being filed, six times more than for the period between 2011 and 2015. In spite of the fact that India had not filed any AI-related patents before 2002, it was ranked eighth by AI patent families globally. AI has been increasingly used in many fields in the country, including banking and financial services, healthcare, marketing, retail, agriculture, manufacturing, and so on.
Making the best use of AI
To conclude, the information provided above is only a small fraction of the potential impact artificial intelligence (AI) could have on the development of business and operating models across sectors and all economies, with the potential to have a profound impact on the lives of every individual on the planet.