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Back-to-the-Workplace Anxiety: How to tackle it?


As the coronavirus seems to be waning, the IT professionals are apprehensive about the impending return to in-person work. In a recent Wall Street Journal study, 82% of participants stated they were anxious about returning. According to another survey, one-third of those who had previously resumed in-person employment said it has had a detrimental effect on their mental health. The increase in additional Covid-19 variants has surely exacerbated people’s reluctance and concern. The following steps can help:

5 strategies for readjusting to the routine

1. Get to know the safety policies and procedures of your employer: Be ready to continue taking the precautions advised to stop the virus from spreading, such as routine hand washing, remaining in if you’re unwell, using a mask and so on.

2. Examine your choices: Inform your management honestly about your worries and any special circumstances that would allow you to continue working from home or in a solitary location away from other employees.

3. Establish a new timetable: It could be necessary for you to get to bed earlier or give yourself extra time in the morning to get dressed and commute to work. Be kind to yourself as you pace yourself while you become used to the new routine.

4. Perform a test run: Ask your management whether you are allowed to work alone for a day. Utilize that opportunity to organise your workspace or to take a little stroll to reorganise.

5. Look after your emotional well-being: In times of uncertainty and change, fear and anxiety are common. If these emotions disrupt your regular chores and habits, get help.