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Croatian Wedding Customs

There are many Croatian wedding practices. These practices include the ‘riza’ ritual, the industry fun way to celebrate the couple’s wedding.

One of the most essential roles in a wedding is a banner holder, or barjaktar, which means flag bearer in Croatian. A barjaktar includes the Croatian flag through the entire marriage procession.

Another role is the best man, who will carry a basket of sweets. The very best man is also responsible for hauling a bag of money, consequently he or she must bring some money as well.

Another tradition is always to throw glucose over the brain of the recently married couple, as it is said to bring good fortune. This can be done through the ‘riza’ practice.

After the feast day, the groom and bride are showered with flowers. This is a really traditional Croatian wedding traditions, and 1 that’s frequently provided by the bride’s family unit.

During the reception, a traditional wedding ring provides audio entertainment. Simultaneously, the guests are expected to bring gifts to get the newly married couple. They are also expected to keep a congratulatory note for the couple.

Guests are expected to make a disposition to the bridal party in exchange to get a rosemary flag. Rosemary is a flower that may be thought to deliver good luck towards the wedding party.

An alternative Croatian wedding tradition can be the fake woman. If the groom’s family falls flat to convince the bride’s relatives to accept the real croatian women dating bride, the bride’s friends and family attempt to mislead the bridegroom by submitting an incorrect bride.