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Dominican Travel Lead

The Dominican Republic offers a diverse choice of experiences with regards to travellers. From miles of pristine beach locations, luxury resorts and lagoons to the awe-inspiring highs of Build Pinos, discover much to see is to do here!

The DR is one of the most popular Caribbean travel around destinations. It’s reputed for its 365 days a year great temperature, gorgeous shorelines and golf places, as well as warm and friendly locals, traditional cathedrals and bastion, and a vibrant nightlife.

It’s also home to some of the best all-natural attractions in the region, including Zona Nacional del Este and Isla Saona – both renowned with regards to stunning scenery and animals. If you want to explore the country’s wealthy history and tradition, head to Lamina Domingo’s UNESCO World Heritage-listed Zona Colonial, where you will discover Spanish-style plazas and centuries-old churches and fortresses.

You will also need to get an excellent feel for the purpose of the country’s food and drink customs, as it has the incredibly varied. Make an effort the country’s staple La Bandera Dominicana, made with white grain, red beans, fried plantains and meat, or go for a even more celebrated refreshment like Gobernante beer or perhaps Mamajuana, a strong, spicy rum-based cocktail.

Credit cards are acknowledged in most restaurants, but not at many neighborhood stores and smaller kiosks (fruit joints for example). Always carry some cash along.

Independent travelling is actually safe inside the Dominican Republic, despite the fact it’s a good idea to prevent certain areas and be aware of your surroundings. Additionally it is a good idea to have travel cover, particularly for longer trips.