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How to become a web3 Developer

The introduction of web3.0 has shattered the idea of the internet, which we have all known for a long time. The introduction of blockchain technology has changed everything from the usage and ownership of digital assets to financial institutions. 

Before you begin your journey of becoming a web3 developer, there are a few prerequisites, such as knowing JavaScript and web development in general. 

Having a proper foundation is necessary so that you can being to learn the fundamentals of blockchain. Even though the name sounds harmless, you should not be taking it lightly. It is a complex piece of tech that requires extensive knowledge to master.

After understanding blockchain, you should learn about smart contracts. Which is code deployed onto the blockchain. Following smart contracts, you can learn solidity, a language that is used extensively, which allows developers to build smart contracts on Ethereum VM. 

And after gaining thorough knowledge on all of these, you should be able to create a proper portfolio and deploy your testnet to showcase your skills and put yourselves out there so the right people can find you.