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What are the 3 major skills required for entrepreneurs?

Since entrepreneurship has grown to be a kind of lifestyle rather than a business, there is a need to properly acknowledge the skills an entrepreneur should require to begin their journey. The process of entrepreneurship entails much higher risk than any other business as they might be progressing through unconventional routes. To achieve success in the journey, every entrepreneur should have skills that can make them stand out from the rest. From those, the main 3 identifiable skills are:

Communication skills

It is essential for an entrepreneur to have strong communication skills to properly convey ideas to clients, interact with teammates and become a good leader. A higher degree of verbal and non-verbal communication skills is key.

Business skills

It will allow entrepreneurs to properly manage a business and to identify that the business goals are being met. Business skills include proper team management, multitasking, and taking crucial business decisions. (Psm-marketing)  

Critical thinking skills

It is an extremely important skill for an entrepreneur to have critical thinking skills as it will help them to make rational decisions by objectively analyzing information.