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Monthly Archives: December 2021

Network Attached Storage(NAS) Solutions for Personal and Official Use

Whether you’re using a personal computer, a home network, or a corporate network, your data isn’t always secure and needs to be protected. Small and medium-sized enterprises can store all of their data in a single location that is secure

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Unified Threat Management (UTM) Solutions for Small to Big Businesses

The IT industry is constantly challenged with new threats, from malware infecting endpoints and servers to coordinated attacks affecting entire networks. Each type of attack on the IT system necessitates a unique response and plan. This typically causes businesses to

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What Are the Latest Innovations in Biometric Technology?

Biometric technology is increasingly becoming ingrained in people’s daily lives worldwide. Many of us use biometric authentication regularly due to mobile device integration. Medicine, finance, marketing research, and various other industries that require personal identity will all benefit from biometric

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Augmented Reality (AR) vs. Virtual Reality (VR): Differences & Applications

Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality are both exciting fields with a lot of potential to determine the course of every field out there including gaming, marketing, education, commerce, etc. Both of them are relatively new technologies creating a different experience

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